Ghost Begins

Ghost Begins

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Why Are We Waiting?

Waiting Room

I came across this question and my thoughts turned to our society.

We all live with the crime around us. Most of us are affected by crime, either directly or indirectly (a friend, a colleague, a family member) and we cry out to the POWERS THAT BE and say ” we cannot continue with this violence”, “Protect our woman and children as they are viciously targeted more so than others.” etc

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Blown Away

The following  report, blew me away on so many different levels. From beginning to end.

A certain Service Provider that receives money from a client, on the basis, that such SP (Service Provider) will deliver various services to such client, under the Umbrella of Alarm Systems, Armed Patrol, Security Reaction to Alarms being triggered. I am not 100% familiar with the Terms and Conditions of such SP and I am not a client of such SP  BUT I have sufficient ‘layman’s knowledge” or general knowledge on what this SP provides.

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