Why Are We Waiting?

Waiting Room

I came across this question and my thoughts turned to our society.

We all live with the crime around us. Most of us are affected by crime, either directly or indirectly (a friend, a colleague, a family member) and we cry out to the POWERS THAT BE and say ” we cannot continue with this violence”, “Protect our woman and children as they are viciously targeted more so than others.” etc

We shout out, we make a noise, we raise our concerns and then…… WE WAIT.

Surely someone will “fix” this crime problem.

“Someone” will do something.

How long do we wait for, whilst we are being attacked, robbed, murdered, tormented, tortured, how long do we still have to wait for that “someone” who will help?

I am not waiting. I am going to do what I can, where I can and when I can. If I can help, I will. I am tired of waiting. I no longer wish to wait.

I have stopped waiting.

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