Who is Ghost?

I will not tell you my name. I will not show you who I am. But know this, I will show you what I see and leave it in your hands, to do with what you want.

I want to open your eyes to what is all around us. If you can see the dangers, before you become a victim of those dangers, you will be able to do the one thing that we all want, which is to : protect ourselves, protect our loved ones, protect our families, our friends, our people from the viscous, brutal, senseless acts of Crime that we have been plagued with.

Let me show you that no matter how much we moan about crime, and no matter how much we cry out that someone has to do something about crime as it is now dangerously out of hand…… let me show you how careless people are still, when they carring on with their normal daily life….. how ignorant we are….. how we allow ourselves to come into very dangerous situations (often) and we are completely unaware of it.

I was told, “one person can’t do a thing to change anything”. I was also told, “all it takes is one”. I choose the latter. I will be that “one“.

You may call me Ghost ghost


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